The Build Process

The Design and Build Process

Finding the Right Lot

Whether you already own a lot or are looking to purchase the perfect lot on which to build your new home, EV Custom Homes can design and build your dream home exactly to your specifications.

We look for lots every day. Our criteria are strict – premium buildable lots, choice location, and at a price that makes sense.

We have different customers looking to build in different areas and at different price points. We tailor our search to find the right lot to suit each of our clients’ requirements.

Depending on budget, location, and size, the search can take time. During this period, we work with our client to refine the initial design and assist our client in getting his financing in place, so when the perfect lot comes up, we are ready to make an offer.

The financing process is generally in three steps: land acquisition, the construction loan, and finally the transition to a conventional mortgage once the construction is complete. We have years of experience working with lenders; and if desired, we can help our client find the right loan professional and guide him through the whole process.

The Study Period & Design Process

Once we’ve found the lot and have successfully gone under contract, there is a study period for a pre-determined period of time before settlement, during which we work with the site and soil engineers to confirm that the house you want to build will work on that specific piece of land.

If the lot is not on public sewer, additional soil studies will be done to determine the feasibility of a new septic system (required for new construction if connection to public sewer is not an option).During the study period, we generally work on the architectural design of the house, to save time and minimize the carrying cost between settlement on the lot and the start of construction.

Vahid Mashkoufi, EV’s architect/builder, and team will meet with you numerous times during the design process, In addition to finalizing the floor plans and elevation, Vahid will do a stunning 3-D digital rendering of the house, allowing you to “enter” and walk through” your new home.Through this technology, you can truly visualize what the house will look like, so changes can be easily made at this early state, reducing the need for costly physical changes down the road during construction.

Once the study period is concluded and the land has been purchased, and the construction loan is in place, the site engineer and Vahid will finalize the plans which will be submitted to the County for permits.

The Construction Process

A complete spec list and detailed budget is drawn up and a builder contract (including warranties) shall be executed. You will be given an access code to login on our project management website where you will be able to view invoices, progress photos, and timelines – all uploaded by EV Custom Homes, LLC on a consistent, real-time basis.

In accordance with budgetary allowances, our team will help you make the selections for the exterior and interior of the home. The level of your involvement is strictly up to you. We put a lot of emphasis on getting to know your style and taste, so we can pre-select materials, appliances, etc (within the allowances provided in the budget) and present them to you for final selection.

This is a huge timesaver for busy people who don’t have the time or desire to make numerous treks to tile stores, stone yards, appliance vendors, lighting and flooring stores, etc. We have built up great relationships with local vendors, so it further simplifies the process.

Timelines. We understand the importance of timelines when building your home. Most people have another home to sell while their new home is under construction. Carrying costs of the lot and construction loan are an impact greatly the overall construction budget – so the sooner the house is ready, the lower the overall carrying costs. We are very mindful of our contractual timelines and will do everything we can to deliver the home to you on time.